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Hyundai Present '' Defying Convention '' a documentary about IONIQ Origins.




As a car journalist and a car enthusiast, I love watching a documentary about car history. If you are like me, here's one to put on your list, as Hyundai just released its all-new documentary called ''Defying Convention'' about the IONIQ brand's origins. 


The documentary itself isn't that long at 5:49, but it is indeed rich in information and full of interesting facts.


Here is a bit of a recap


The documentary starts with Erin Baker (an automotive journalist) telling us how the IONIQ 5 became sort of a revolution not only as an electric car but also for its bold styling. ''She was one of more than 100 jurors who picked this model as the best car in the world,'' which is something Hyundai must be really proud of.


Next, we learn how everything started out with the brand back in 1974 with the Pony, which, at one point, represented 3 out 5 new cars sold in South Korea. This shows how actually popular the brand was in its how country.  


The connection between the past and the future is what led to the IONIQ brand choosing a modernized retro design, and we couldn't have dreamed about anything else, to be honest. Hyundai wanted to do something different and had the tools to do it. The IONIQ 5 was a success from day one, and the brand is now ready to add a lot more models to its lineup.


A Brilliant Future


As of today, Hyundai has already presented the IONIQ 6, which is going to be another very distinguished and unconventional vehicle. The IONIQ 7, the brand's first SUV, is also on its way with a bold and futuristic design. Finally, Hyundai announced the venue of a sports car in its lineup in the near future.




As a car journalist, I love historical facts or learning where things come from. Sometimes, it is as simple as giving a car the name of a town or even a state so people can relate to something. Hyundai went a little deeper with the IONIQ brand, where its name comes from the contraction of ION and UNIQUE. I love the story here, and the vision of the Korean manufacturer really reflects this name.


The only thing that disappoints me about Hyundai's new documentary is the fact it is way too short. I would have devoured one hour or more of it.


Jean-Sébastien Poudrier

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