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The Hyundai IONIQ 6 Tells You Why EVs Matter



Hyundai recently launched a brand-new marketing campaign in which the IONI! 6 explains why electric vehicles are essential and why shifting slowly but surely to EVs is crucial. 


In this campaign, Hyundai highlights that changing your gas-powered vehicle to an EV is more than changing your car. For most people, it is a lifestyle transformation.


Hyundai made a brilliant move by choosing Kevin Bacon as the star of its new commercials. The actors play the "old guy" who prefers sending an actual letter over a quick and easy email. I won't lie, this reminded me a lot of my dad, who's about the same age as Kevin bacon, and it made me laugh a lot, thanks to the fact my dad is as comfortable with technology as the actor is in Hyundai's commercial.


The most important thing here is that even Kevin Bacon's character succeeds in switching to EV, and he likes it a lot. His character shows how easy it is to charge up his Hyundai IONIQ 6. He's offering all IONIQ 6 features to his daughter, who seems to have difficulty believing her dad is so comfortable with an electric vehicle.


This commercial series is clever because it's funny and catchy, showing how easy it is to switch from ICE to EV. Of course, driving and especially owning an electric vehicle might be terrifying for somebody who never did, but once you've changed, it seems impossible to go back. Infrastructure and technologies surrounding EVs are improving daily, making your life easier.


Hyundai IONIQ 6


The Hyundai IONIQ 6 will be a massive success, just like the IONIQ 5 has been since its arrival on the market. Hyundai shook up the market with its retro-modern style electric SUV, and the aggressive styling of the IONIQ 6 is about to do the same. The IONIQ 6 is unlike anything else design-wise, and it will be one of the most efficient EVs. Hyundai announced it would be compatible with a 350 kW fast charger which helps to get from 10 to 80 percent battery charge in less than 18 minutes. The IONIQ 6 autonomy can go up to 361 miles (580 km), which is much more than the average EV. We expect a performance version of the IONIQ 6 to arrive on the market later.


Hyundai'sads ads with Kevin Bacon are already live on YouTube if you want to check them out. They are funny and could help your dad change his mind about electric vehicles.


Jean-Sébastien Poudrier

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